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for art's sake - the art of listening including hi-res audio, DSD, MQA, and 5.1 surround sound

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living with nature and art on the big island, hawaii - on the spot photography

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High Resolution Audio in a mobile society


Interview with DJ Pete Hammond from 2MAXFM in Australia

Listen to MP3 interview here...


DSD, SACD, Surround Sound, Interviews

I had recorded since the 70's on 4-track TEAC 1/4" tape machines and then the 80's on 4-track cassette machines (listen to Springsteen's "Nebraska", he used the same 4-track Tascam cassette box as I learned later). In 1995 I evolved to digital recording at 16/48 on Hi-8 tape in a Tascam DA88 loaned to me by Roger Powell. I mixed everything through an original Mackie 1202 and sent it to a 1-bit Sony TCD-10 DAT machine to master from. Gus Skinas mastered it on a Studer-Editech DyaxisII workstation he helped design.

The result was my first self-produced CD "Lost in the Green". It had a color booklet insert (layout done by Gus with PageMaker) and was printed by Discmakers (the first time they ever received a Zip drive with all the artwork as well as a Gold master CD). It went up on the brand new CDBaby a couple years later with my 2nd CD "Time Forgets". Derek Sivers had just started CDBaby online from his cabin in Woodstock, NY. I used to talk to him on the phone with questions I had about setting up my pages. He had about 50 musicians subscribing then.

Today I have 20+ titles on CDBaby. Those tracks all appear automatically on TIDAL, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, 7Digital, Deezer, and at least 40 other lossy or CD quality or MQA hi-res audio download and streaming sites. Gus Skinas with the Sony SACD Project got me into DSD in 1999 or 2000 after 4 of my own CD releases prior to recording "The Window" in 2002. We recorded "The Window" in 3 consecutive days then worked on stereo and multichannel mixes for about 6 months before releasing the SACD, the world's first multichannel SACD from an independent artist. "Crossing" was recorded in a similar live studio, minimal mics, no isolation way at in La Honda, CA 2 years later in 2005.

Here are historical links to the hybrid multichannel SACDs
"The Window" and "Crossing" and other releases

Elias 5.1 Mch Downloads Announcement - Sept 17, 2013

"The Window" is the world's first full album DSD Disc download online November 17, 2009

My Blogsphere Thoughts on DSD - Positive Feedback Online - Sept/Oct 2013

High Fidelity Review (2003) - Stuart Robinson -- never met him or talked to him but he has so much of the story!

"The Window" announcement by Acoustic Sounds, 2003,
originally sold online there then with Chad's launch as a Hybrid Mch SACD.

My Notes for PFO on how and why I recorded "The Window" in 2002
with minimal mics and no isolation or edits or overdubs

My published PFO piece on 5.1 Surround (I'm a grateful PFO "Musician in Residence")
"Why Surround Me With All This Sound?", 2003

Stereophile Music in the Round Review of "Crossing" - 2005
"From the first note it's apparent that this is an extraordinary recording."

High Fidelity Review of "Crossing" - 2005

Dr. David W. Robinson's Brutus Awards - "DSD Excellence" for "Crossing" and "The Window"

Who I now get grouped with for DSD downloads today (Where to Find DSD Downloads)





Aloha! E Komo Mai!
Tom Petty ~ 1950 - 2017 ~ Aloha Nui Loa
"out of a dream
out of the sky
into my heart
into my life..."

- tom petty (1950 - 2017)
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