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 "As usual your music makes me always so quiet, so at ease as almost no other music can.
Thank God for your talent." - Gert, The Netherlands

"I got to tell you I've been an audiophile for 40 years (I'm 65). Never have I enjoyed nor experienced from music what you were able to do and communicate through your heartfelt expressions. Well done! Congratulations." - Doug L, underground 1960's FM DJ, Berkeley

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"Truly fantastic master, [Acoustic Trio] hints of the typical audiophile presence bump
but nonetheless free of grain and exaggeration. After scouring hundreds
of famous recordings these are one of the five albums I find truly
worthy as a reference. Beautiful composition, effortless vocals, keep up
the great work!" - Xiaorong Y. on Bandcamp

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"Gawd, what cool music you make. I am lovin' it and telling my friends." - Richard C.

"Thank you too for doing such fine recordings. I don’t think I have ever heard a more natural sounding recording." - Eric D.

"I was actually listening to some of your music last night when I received your email. I'm finding your Acoustic Trio really quite addictive. I particularly love The Riddle Song and Good Old Days but I'm honestly relishing every single track in the album and I can't say that about many albums I own. I've been streaming your Coffee House Playlist also and that sounds great so I'll probably download that one this week too. The only problem with the DSD files I'm having now is that after listening to them, the rest of my music collection just doesn't sound as good anymore lol.

I plan to fly home to the UK for a while around Christmas time and Im looking forward to introducing your music to some friends and family. I think my father in particular will love it and will probably be blown away by the quality of the recordings too, just as I was." - Pete, Viet Nam

"I don't know how you did it, cause technically its not possible, but it sounds higher res than a CD - its awesome quality music too." - Fiona Joy, Blue Coast SACD/DSD recording artist, Grammy Winner

"The sound is incredible.  The loudspeakers vanish.  It sounds like you and the band are right here.  Very well done with the music and recording." - Herb B., High fidelity music listener

As I said on the poll for "The Window," there is more going on in the rears here than there is on the other album. Notwithstanding, both albums perfectly exemplify how flawless hi-res sound and surround mixing can draw you up-close into already intimate recordings. Just wonderful." - QuadraphonicQuad Forums

"...the MQA sounds like you have more room to breathe,… It is just easier on the ears. In the low regions there is no distortion, even when I turn up the volume more than I would normally do and the high regions sound ‘calm’. What is even more important (I never met you in person, so maybe I am wrong), I think your voice is sounding more like the original in the MQA version." - Eric B., Audiophile

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"I've just got this [The Window] as a DSD DVD (plays on the Oppo as a data disc) and really like the album, the music is good (think Folk with a Fairport/JJ Cale feel), sound quality is excellent, the mix is immersive wrap round with instruments appearing in the rear channels. I think my favourite track is Half An Hour Away, love the intro. So its a solid 9." - Duncan S., UK

"There is nothing like great music, except great music in a superb quality. I really enjoy the timbre and dynamics of your recordings, which I think the non-compression takes at least some credit for." - Erik N., Denmark

"The CD I have is David Elias, Rare to Go, December Solstice. I also have the MQA download version. YOU have a beautiful voice Mr. Elias, and you have created a stunning CD. You have poured your heart and soul into your work, and especially this recording. I think it's a masterpiece, it's that good." - Online Audiophile

"The [Crossing] SACD is brilliantly recorded, the music reminds me a bit of the Transatlantic Sessions (a brilliant BBC series), Folk/Americana, lovely album, the mix makes you feel like you're sitting in amongst the band, with them in a circle around you." - QuadraphonicQuad Forums

"In your work I have been amazed by the presence and intimacy of your voice that creates a closeness and a bond that is impossible not to stop and listen to the lyrics. Congratulations also for the lyrics that I would define not stories but single emotions and moods (clearly yours, but that each one can share), in one word poems. In the end I do not know if I could explain what I felt; I simply felt emotions, desire to understand and share your own emotions." - Anonymous Hi-Res Listener

"The more I Listen to the CROSSING MQA CD  the more I’m impressed with it , just fabulous , I’m doing a fill in this afternoon for 3 hours of Country Rock and Bluegrass and will be featuring CROSSING MQA" - Pete, DJ in Australia 2Max FM 91.3

"I'm overwhelmed by your Music and the Hi-res quality is strongly addictive!! You've got yourself a FAN!!...Very Cool David! Your music is getting under my skin. For some time I've found it kind of hard to find music that I REALLY enjoyed listening to...your music came as a gift...now we're back on track" - Verner N., Denmark

"Finally, took a moment to listen [to your MQA] with headphones. DAMN!" - Bill H., drummer on the Big Island

"How did you get it [MQA] to sound so amazing in my funky little computer speakers?" - C.P., Music Lover

"I just listened to the Mch download [The Window] from NativeDSD. I remember starting the playback with track1, then the room disappeared while the music played. It was as if I went into a trance, captivated by a great performance and wondrous sonic. 10....Listening to this right now [Crossing]. Every time I listen to both the David Elias surround albums, I'm all taken away by their strong moods. Truly beautiful music, and I love his voice." - QuadraphonicQuad Forums

"Dear David, again thanks for your wonderful music. My wife and me will enjoy it [Lost in the Green (MQA)] along with the one or other good espresso or cappuccino." - Rainer L., Germany

"I've been an audiophile since before they even called it that. My love for music led me into things that allowed me to be involved with the industry in many other ways besides actually being a musician.

First let me say you are one very talented musician. Aside from the recording the two downloads [Crossing, and Acoustic Trio] I bought were outstanding just thoroughly enjoyable listening experience. I love the soulful way you play the guitar and your lyrics are incredibly powerful.

The unique thing is that there wasn't one song I didn't enjoy as much as the other. That's never happened to me before. I've always had 2 or 3 songs I like as opposed to everything else on the recordings I bought or listened to. I was really blown away! Every track had its own unique journey.

I use the word journey because that's what it felt like. Each track seemed to take you on a journey ultimately yielding to an experience of its very own. The lyrics expressed through the music combined left me in a place of awe. Seriously each taking ahold of me leading on to a fulfilling emotional experience. Each unique and distinct from the other but always creating a hunger for more.

I got to tell you I've been an audiophile for 40 years (I'm 65). Never have I enjoyed nor experienced from music what you were able to do and communicate through your heartfelt expressions. Well done! Congratulations." - Doug L, underground FM DJ in Berkeley in the 60's...

"Sounds like Chris Rhea / Dire Straights - Very Good" - Dale on Facebook 5-star Review

"Enjoy your music, a friend used your material to introduce me to MQA, because of that I had to buy a Mytek DAC - thought you would be interested to know I picked up on your CD's recorded at KAOS in Olympia that is signed by all the engineers etc. Anyway, thanks for your commitment to quality music." - Dave S.

"Yesterday I've visited your homepage and saw your offer for the Two Track and just downloaded it. First time hearing‎: Amazing. Full time relaxing with a lot of joy. The foot bobs up and down with a grin on my face. Pure emotions. Your recording quality is really fine. MQA on my XRP sounds great." - Joerg D., Germany

"Hi David, Amazing sound quality with the MQA. Your music is extra enhanced with MQA. I am using a Mytek Brooklyn Dac that can handle MQA and listening thru my Martin Logan electrostats. - Stig B., Sweden

"I can confirm that your [MQA] "crossing remastered" unpacks to 352 kHz here in the USA via Tidal. Sounds great!" - Vorticity, Meridianunplugged forum

"I'll start the ball rolling, check out David Elias https://www.davidelias.com  his stuff is recorded straight to DSD, I have The Window and Crossing, both excellent albums, recorded live in the studio with no overdubs and a bunch of superb musicians." - LENNIEH, NaimAudio.com forum


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"David Elias, good music, wonderful recordings.  If anything has convinced me DSD is worth listening to its Morning Light/Western Town by him which was a free sampler download that I found astonishing. Super realistic electric guitar in the corner of my living room and bass to die for just brilliant" - DAYJAY, NaimAudio.com forum

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Feature Interview in New Zealand
"The High Resolution Musician

Two Track Mind
(Solo Acoustic - Just 2 mics)

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“MQA does to PCM phase distortion what acoustic sound panel treatments do for your studio walls. Both are equally good for your ears.” - David Elias

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Our ear’s sensitivity to timing is much more finely tuned than it is to frequency. For this reason acoustic treatments have been used and recommended in listening rooms and studios since at least RCA’s adoption in 1941 if not before. That’s a long time!  PCM digital recordings and playback suffer some of these similar timing or phase distortions to the ear imposed by the common digital encoding and decoding techniques used since CDs first came out in the early 80’s.

MQA favors proper timing over frequency with results not unlike the analog corrections from diffuser panels used everywhere for acoustic analog purposes. After careful listening and use, I’m also a believer in the same kind of corrections provided in some carefully made speaker cables. It’s good for the ears in all 3 cases!

If you are mostly streaming music, the MQA Masters on TIDAL provide the phase distortion correction on their HiFi Masters and come to you improved to 24/96 just in the TIDAL player app. Even better if you have an MQA DAC Decoder or Renderer attached to your gear so you can fully enjoy the end to end analog path created from the original studio to your ears. This same MQA streaming option will soon be available from other services including announcements from Qobuz, HDTracks, Deezer. You can find MQA music today at 7Digital/Onkyo Music, 2L, Groovers, Highresaudio, as well as DavidElias-MQA.com :)

Bob Ludwig has been the Studio Master Engineering ears to more albums you've heard and love than you could count. Here's what he says he hears with MQA Mastering:

Keep A Little Soul - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers


- DE

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